Mommy Yoga

Benefits of Private Yoga for Moms

  • You get the personal attention necessary to learn correct alignment, prevent injury, and support your body in all stages of motherhood

  • Sequences are tailored to your body and individuals needs

  • You save time by not having to drive to a studio and wait for class

  • There is no judgement or comparison with others

  • Lessons can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you, and moms don't have a lot of time to spare

  • You can choose to involve your kids or take much needed me time

  • Sessions can include nutrition education and planning. Choosing the right fuel for your body will get you the results that you want faster


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Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and magical times of life. Unfortunately, for many women, it is also a time of nausea, exhaustion, and physical and emotional stress. Research shows that yoga can help, and is of great benefit during pregnancy when done safely. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased calmness and awareness

  • Breathing techniques and breath control

  • Flexibility, strength, and centeredness

  • Muscle and organ support

  • Body placement

  • Feeling more connected to baby

  • Reduced risk of complications

Our prenatal program also includes nutrition coaching. The way we nourish our bodies during pregnancy is so important for developing a healthy baby and feeling great. Our nutritional needs change with our changing body, and understanding which nutrients your body requires more of, and in what quantities, can make all the difference in your pregnancy.

Postnatal Yoga

The time period following delivery can be an especially trying time for new mothers. The constant demands of a newborn, the hormonal fluctuations following pregnancy, and a body that is different from before pregnancy can all take away from the joy of new motherhood. Yoga not only speeds the recovery process and tones important muscle groups, but also teaches mindfulness and patience. It is a beautiful form of self-love that is truly deserved after giving birth and during the early years of motherhood. Some of the benefits of postnatal yoga include.

  • Decrease in soreness after a birth and faster recovery of your muscle strength

  • Develops abdominal and back muscles to make you strong and able to lift your growing baby

  • Helps spinal integrity while your ligaments are looser from your pregnancy

  • Helps deal with back and shoulder pain that can result from breastfeeding

Our postnatal program also includes nutrition coaching. The way we nourish our bodies after pregnancy hugely impacts how much energy we have, how we feel, how quickly we return to our pre-pregnancy weight, and the quality of our milk if breastfeeding. Taking time to eat wholesome, fresh, and nourishing foods should be an important focus during this time.

Warrior Mom Yoga

The female body is truly amazing, and it has to go through miraculous changes to bring a baby to this world. Once our precious angels are here, there is never as much time available for self care as there once was, making it very difficult to get our pre-baby back. These yoga classes are tailored to mothers that have already gone through the recovery process following childbirth, and are looking to tone, strengthen, and push their bodies to new limits.

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