Start the Journey!

4 Week Jumpstart

This four week program is designed to get you started on your wellness journey! If you live within a 5 mile radius of my home office, I can come to you. The program includes:

  • 4 separate hour long sessions.

  • In the first session, we will complete a dietary and fitness assessment, and develop a personalized wellness plan that will move your toward your goals.

  • Healthy and delicious recipes. 

  • Access to me throughout the week via phone and email. 

  • 3 hour long private yoga lessons where we will follow up on the wellness plan. 

  • Yoga starter kit with mat, blocks and strap so that you can create a sustainable home practice.

Mommy Total Wellness

Significant lifestyle change takes time, and most clients want to continue with the program following the 4 week jumpstart. This is an ongoing membership that includes:

  • 1 weekly 1-hour private yoga lesson/week in your home or virtually.

  • Continued support on reaching goals and help in overcoming barriers to success.

  • Tips and delicious recipes that support your healthy lifestyle.

  • Access to me throughout the week via phone and email.


Prenatal Yoga & Nutrition

The 40 weeks leading up to having your baby is such a special time, one filled with love, excitement, and awe. This 20 week yoga and nutrition program includes:

  • 20 weekly (45 minute) pranayama (breathing) and yoga sessions, designed for each stage of pregnancy.

  • Asanas are chosen to optimize your energy, reduce nausea (if needed) and prepare your body for delivery.

  • Yoga starter kit with yoga mat, bolster, strap, and blocks.

  • 15 minutes per week of nutrition coaching, to ensure that you are eating the right foods for you and baby.

  • Trouble shooting with pregnancy weight gain. Putting on enough weight, but not too much, makes for an easier pregnancy, delivery, and better postpartum experience. 

  • Access to me via phone and email throughout the week.

Postnatal Yoga & Nutrition

Growing a baby and then delivering it is a super hero feat, and requires monumental changes in the body. It will take time for your body time to heal and recover, and yoga and proper nutrition can be hugely helpful in that process. This program includes:

  • 24 weekly (50 minute) yoga sessions, that will increase in intensity as the body returns to its pre-pregnancy state.

  • Asanas are chosen to optimize your energy, safely strengthen the core, improve overall muscle tone, and promote weight loss (if desired).

  • Yoga starter kit with yoga mat, bolster, strap, and blocks.

  • 10 minutes per week of nutrition coaching, for optimizing energy, achieving your desire body composition, and supporting breast feeding (if applicable). 

  • Access to me via phone and email throughout the week.

Tennis Yoga

This is a completely customizable program with weekly yoga sessions designed to improve your tennis game. Developing strong and flexible muscles (particularly legs, shoulders, and core) will also help protect you from injury while on the court. The length of the program depends on your goals. This is also available to groups.

Cooking Workshops

I love to cook and share the joy of making healthy and delicious food with others! I offer both individual cooking classes as well as group events. My "Wellness Mornings" have become popular; they include 1 hour of yoga + 1 hour of cooking/food prep + 30 minute lunch. Pricing depends on the size of the group and event particulars.

Themes include:

-Plant Based




-Gluten Free

-Healthy Kids


The rate for home visits is $120/hour. Special discounts are offered for multiple session packages. Group classes are also available at the same hourly rate, making this a great option for friends that want to take the yoga journey together and share in the cost.

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